Lady Midnight


Before talking about The Lady Midnight, I should definitely give some views on other Shadowhunters books which I have read(Every single book). I really loved and lived the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Even I love Sebastian Morgenstern(don’t get angry). I read the whole series few months back, so I never have to wait for next book in the series. Woah! But I need Lord of Shadows right now!!

Lady Midnight, I got my own copy(Yipeeeee!). For few days, I just swooned over the gorgeous book. Then started to read it and immediately liked it. When I read The Mortal Instruments, there came Blackthorn and Carstairs family. I got confused with their names in Blackthorn family. So, I thought what would it be in the Lady Midnight. What if I can’t recognize their names, or would it be boring. But the complete opposite have taken place. I devoured each and every page, I lived with  every character and came to know about them a lot. I should really tell this, in Cassandra’s books there will be multiple perspectives, so we could see their feelings, emotions and all. I really loved that thing about her.

Emma Carstairs, a determined shadowhunter and Julian Blackthorn a responsible shadowhunter, they have entered our life so easily, without waiting for our consent. When they showed their longings, I could feel their emotions. Every time, they are sad I became depressed. They really have changed since their childhood.

The book brings all my emotions from me. Betrayal,anger,fear,longing,love,shock,anxiety.I wept over the book. Definitely, I loved this one more than other shadowhunter series.

The Lady Midnight-> Outstanding