Life Swap

Hey, guys! Can't wait to share my opinion on my currently read book LIFE SWAP by CAROL WYER.

It took me ten days to complete this one. Not that it was too long, but because I had a lot of work. For your kind information, this was an ARC. So I really need to finish it so that I can review it. This book will release on April 22.

From the name itself you can guess what it is about. That's obvious. What will one do when given a chance to swap their life with someone. Will they accustom to their new life or will they struggle with their own life? In this book, there are two different kinds of people Polly and Simon ,they did have a wrecked life. So, will they grab the given offer? Let's find out!

Polly a sports therapist, divorced and currently living with his boyfriend Mike who becomes bored with her. She seeks for fashion, on the other side Mike keep on snapping at her. She got tired of trying a lot to maintain her relationship with him. On the top of the cake, she was having a lot of debt. She was fed up with her life until she came to see a flyer.

Simon a car salesman, has two children both are troublesome teenagers. His wife Veronica, didn't even consider him as another half. Always moping, his mother-in-law hates his every being.(As there will be a flashback, that would be hilarious, I won't spoil it!LOL). Even her wife's dog detests him. He really got tired until he went to a club.

Until I reached 10th chapter, I really thought of quitting this. It was boring, but still it was quite hilarious. So I couldn't quit it(As I need to review this). But after 10th chapter, I was like "YEAH, interesting". It was brilliant and freaking cool. I really need to share this experience, I always read on my phone while traveling public transport. I was so engrossed in the book, I hadn't noticed my bus  took a turn before it could reach my place. I hadn't noticed until 5 minutes. Then when I looked up, I was like "OH, SHIT!".

The ending, OMG it was HILARIOUS. Everyone should definitely read this! 

Life Swap-> Exceeds Expectation