It's time to wrap up the March reads. This month I read 4 novels and some novellas!
Let's start!

1. The Silkworm by J.K. Rowling

You can read my full review on The Silkworm. This book was bloody brilliant. This book is about a private detective CORMORAN STRIKE. And about how he solves the mystery which everyone never thought of. I can recommend this book for everyone who loved mysteries.

2. The Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Full review- Twilight. Apart from Bella whining and pining for Edward, this book was pretty good actually. Waiting to read other books. Few days ago bought The Breaking Dawn (Hardcover).

3. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Look for full review at Lady Midnight.

Loved the book. Can't wait to read Lord of Shadows.

4.Life Swap by Carol Wyer

Full review:  Life Swap

Hilarious read

List of novellas I have read:

 1. The Maze Runner Files by James Dashner

This novella consists a collection of some confidential files regarding Runners, WICKED and all. Fans of Maze runner will love this one. The series was not so bad. So I guess I liked this one.

2, After the bridge (TID 3.1) by Cassandra Clare

Short story about Tessa, Jem and what happened after that meeting at Blackfriar's Bridge at the the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

This was simply superb. Only Cassandra can make 15 pages story as endearing as possible.

3. Thomas's first memory of the Flare by James Dashner

This is really short story in which the first memory will come to Thomas.

Until the next time!