Series Part-2

Hey guys! Time for the next post. If you haven't seen the Series Part-1, then try to read that too!

Okay, now we will see rest of the series which I have read.

1.The Mortal Instruments(TMI)- Cassandra Clare

Actually, my friend recommended this book while she started reading. She said , a brother and a sister are in love. I was like,"It's freaking crazy,how could they be,I won't read it". But suddenly, I read the series(I guess some magical creature pushed me to read). I loved the series really. That was freaking good. From the first book itself, I loved Simon (mundane-vampire-shadowhunter) from the first book itself. Oh, Man, even I loved Sebastian Morgenstern. 

P.S: Thank you creature :P

2.The Infernal Devices (TID)- Cassandra Clare

So, this is the prequel to the awesome  The Mortal Instruments series. I loved this series. Some people are saying TID is better than TMI. But I'm not into this one. I prefer TMI. From the connections between these books, I came to know a lot of information about the Shadowhunter world. I love Cassie's words. God,She is my Favourite Author.

There are some novels in Shadowhunter chronicles. I have reviewed two books. The Bane Chronicles is a collection of 11 short stories. Then there is another book Lady Midnight first book of The Dark Artifices series.

3. Percy Jackson & the Olympians- Rick Riordan

After reading the series, I was like "Don't tell PJ is for middle grade ,in front of me". That was crap. Everyone can read and enjoy it. This series was awesome. 

4. Heroes of Olympus- Rick Riordan

This series is a sequel to the Percy Jackson series. Actually, I started this series without knowing it is a sequel to Percy Jackson. Then when I came to know the meaning of the first book THE LOST HERO. I was like," OMG, definitely I have to complete this". I cried so hard for the fourth book(You know why). Okay, I want to forget that moment.So now I'm patiently waiting for another series The Trials of Apollo in which Percy will come.(YIPEEE!!)

5. Bloodlines-Richelle Mead

After a long time,I found this series which is a spin-off to the Vampire Academy. I loved Adrian in the first series. So, started to read this series. After reading,I was like "OMG, ADRIAN,YOU'RE SO COOL. I REALLY ADORE YOU". Fans of Vampire Academy would love this one.

I guess, I would wrap the series parts post. But, I don't know I may change my mind! 
Until the next time.