Yeah, I know there are equal numbers of lovers and haters for Twilight. First, I just watched movies(not all of them) and I don't like it. So I thought the books too were horrible, so I didn't read. Even I was a Twilight hater, I often ditched the books, movies, actors.(Don't forget that sparkling moment;) ) Some people tells that books are better than those movies. Without reading, how can I judge it?? So,that's why I read Twilight and now I'm here to give my perspectives.

SPOILER ALERT (Everyone already knows the plot but still ;) )

Bella, a clumsy girl moving to Forks to live with his father who has been separated from his mother. Attending high school and fell in love with a mysterious person Edward, who is a vampire.

Actually, I felt annoyed when Bella described him beautiful, flawless, Edward this, Edward that. UGH. Some people were always saying Bella is good for nothing. She doesn't do a thing. She always pines for his boyfriend. Yeah, that is actually the truth. But I have to point this out:

1. When she was in the deserted place, where a group of people followed her, she really thought of screaming or kicking them. But Edward came to save her. He is the one who asked her why she didn't try to run.

2. When she came to know something is going to happen to Charlie because of the tracker. She only told the plan and went home and tried to keep his father away from danger.

3. She risked her life when she thought that the tracker had got his mother. Poor Bella doesn't know that she has been tricked.

Frankly, I really liked Bella in the above three cases. 

Edward, a vampire in high school. (HAHA). Actually, I liked Edward not because of his charming beauty but of his words. WOW!!!!!!

Some people prefer Team Jacob. But in this one, he usually appears three or four times only. So I don't know whether to prefer him. I will definitely tell which team I prefer in my last book review.

Overall Twilight->Acceptable