Eager To Read

Hey, guys!!
I want to mention some of the series which I really can't wait to read. I don't know when I will read those. You see I have such a large TBR pile. Don't be angry at me for not reading these books yet!

What to say: So many books, so little time!!

1. The Lunar Chronicles(TLC) by Marissa Meyer

I remember the first time when I came across this series. It was during the release of Winter(TLC#4). Please don't be angry. Then I googled it and came to know the details. I was awestruck. Basically, I love fairy retelling. When you heard fairy retelling, the first one which comes to my mind was ONCE UPON A TIME TV series. Oh man! I love that one. Next The Lunar Chronicles. When I see people making comments about these books. I was like "NO, please don't tell anything, I don't want any spoilers". I really can't wait to get hold of this series.

2. Throne of glass series by Sarah J. Mass

Everyone is obsessed with this series. I'm trying to read this series before the fifth book is released. The covers are so cool(such a badass!!). I hope I will like these books. 

3. A song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R.Martin

I WON'T WATCH THE SERIES TILL I READ THESE BOOKS!!!!Some people say Why you have to read those bigger books when series is there?. I was like "They don't have the capability to understand" .
(no pun intended). 

Everyone know this incident right? when people thought Martin died. First, I was so shocked. Even though not reading the series, I was so depressed thinking what will happen in the next book(crazy, right?). Then I thought what will happen to those people who have read this series. Thank God, it didn't happen!!!

4. Outlander series by  Diana Gabaldon


The main reason I want to read this series is, the books are too long. I really love to read big books. There is a TV series for these books too. I won't watch it. The same thing, don't know when will read.

5. Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

The hype for this series is so huge. Especially everyone is talking about character Darkling. So it piqued my curiosity. And there is another series in the same world Six of Crows. So to read that one, I have to read Grisha trilogy. 

That's all guys. Hope to finish these books in this year.

Until next time!