Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Hey guys!!! It's time to share my thoughts on Eclipse, the third book in the series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I guess this was my long post. Hope you will like it!

I really liked the second book in the series, so I was eager to start the third one. You can also read my review for New Moon.

Short description for the book: Bella is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob. She also has to take a decision whether she want to be a human or a vampire before her graduation occurs. The icing on the cake is that Victoria is still seeking for revenge. 

In this book, Edward was over protective towards Bella. He even tried to hostage her so that she won't go to see Jacob. But after a lot of time, he realizes she was safe with Jacob so he allowed her to meet with Jacob. 

Jacob finally told his love to Bella even though he knows she won't accept it. He said he won't give up and keep on trying to win her. Both Edward and Jacob plays the game who is gonna win her. Jacob also learns Edward's love for Bella. We know she will definitely choose Edward.

Meanwhile, Seattle is ravaged by mysterious killings. They finally find out who the killer would be, when some intruder came to Bella's home to get her scent. 

We came to know the life of Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie explained Bella the reason she doesn't like her. From Jasper's experience on killing newborns(they are newly turned vampire), they make an alliance with werewolves to play the game. So the war starts, at that time Bella realises she was in love with Jacob also. Then Victoria was killed by Edward. Jacob gets hurt by a vampire. Bella chose Edward, and they started to arrange marriage. Then the book ends with Jacob fully healed moving through the forest in wolf form rather than his human form so that he can manage his emotions.


As usual, sometimes I hate Bella sometimes I like Bella. I don't know how Edward was with her. The definition for   self- control is Edward. Whenever Bella tried to cross her intimacy limit, he was the one who always pulled her. He really loves her. He really wants her to be happy even if it's not with him.

I hate when Jacob tried to force him on her. I can understand his situation, but how could he do that(Ugh!). But he still says he will always wait for her till she realizes Edward was not worth for her.(I guess that won't happen). Let's see what will happen in next book.

For the last few chapters, I lost interest. I don't know why. But still I read. Other than that it was okay.

RATING: Acceptable

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PS: I guess everyone knows my rating details right? Or should I explain what each rating means. Please leave comments!