New Moon

Hey, guys!! Now I'm gonna talk about the first book which I have read this month. It's none other than New Moon(Twilight 2). 

I thought of reading this series as a marathon. But what to say, I couldn't do that. Before starting New Moon, I read two books Lady Midnight and Life Swap. You can see my review of those books too. Anyway, this book continues the life of Bella and Edward. Jacob will be in this book more than Edward. So I was able to know about him. As Edward leaves Bella to protect her, she really becomes desolated. She was always moping, and she couldn't get over her loss. I really thought how could she lived like that for those four months without doing anything meaningfully. (Thank God! we don't know what happened in those four months).

Jacob, he is such an awesome fella. He really doesn't know why Bella was asking help from him. He did like Bella, I can see that. But whenever Bella thought something is wrong with his way, then she would change his mind by saying something. I really have to appreciate him because he pulled her from the desolation state. 

When Bella heard Edward's voice inside her head, after Edward left, I thought he was the one speaking to her in some way. He was still stalking her. But it is not the real case. When she  thought she is gonna kiss Jake, his voice came "Be happy". I was  like"How could he say that?And it is such a Bad timing". It really came from her, when she was in a  ridiculous state. So, to hear his voice, she started to do reckless things. Some people says "Hey, that was so romantic". But  I really hated her for that. She didn't even think about her father Charlie.

At least, she said she couldn't leave Jacob behind. I was really thinking how Bella changes to a vampire when the treaty was there. I guess I have to wait.

In some parts I really hated Bella. Some times I liked her. I have mixed feelings about this book.

New Moon-> Acceptable