The Curse of Damini

Hey guys, I have read another book, The Curse of Damini by Debajani Mohanty.

I received this book from author in exchange for an honest review through Goodreads. This is my first ever PHYSICAL COPY. So here I am!

Set against the nostalgic era of 1940s, the story narrates the arduous journey of Renuka Pal, the protagonist, from a rash teen age freedom fighter to the seasoned writer of the 21st century India. In this thrilling saga of death, betrayal and power plays the narrative would cover a large chunk of twentieth century history. The passing of time, historical events and the changing country is so well-woven to the story that one would hardly differentiate between fact and fiction. (Short description from Goodreads)


To Be Honest, I was a bit hesitant before starting this book. But what to say, I definitely have to read the book or else....(Don't want to finish that sentence). I liked this book. Renuka, our protagonist, she is really such a strong character. I definitely need to salute her confidence and bravery even though everyone told women are always inferior to men so don't expect any superiority. She respected each and every character. I must tell this while reading her character, I remembered Jhansi Rani, the freedom fighter. Sometimes,I thought I really need to be like her. (I guess that won't happen).

This book really took me to that era. Before Independence, how difficult life was. How the world could be cruel if it wants!. 

For the last few chapters,it seemed to be dragging a lot. Other than that, it was a good read.

A must read for every Indian.

MY RATING: Exceeds Expectation