Hey guys! Here is the review for THE GLITTERING COURT by RICHELLE MEAD which I have read recently!

So, this follows Lady Elizabeth Witmore who is the Countess of Rothford. She lost his father and mother and was guided by her grandmother. She was forced to marry a person who she doesn't know a thing about by her grandmother. But she escaped the court pretending to be Adelaide(her maid servant) to the Glittering Court, somewhat an organization where they will select a group of young girls and train them before arranging for their marriage. How she managed to live and lead a normal life which is out of her comfort zone?


I loved Vampire Academy series and Bloodlines series. So I thought I would love this too. But it didn't happen. I do know that this is not an action and adventure series. But still hadn't expected it would be boring. I really like unexpected twist(everyone does). But when I read this one, I guessed everything and it was absolutely correct. So, I missed the thrilling.

About characters, no one got stuck up in my mind. Not even a single character(UFF!). I hope at least the second book will be good!


MY RATING: Acceptable