Hey guys!

Finally, after a long time! I have time to post. Because I'm binge reading and watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. 

Yeah people, I know few days ago I started to watch the series. And I'm obsessed with Damon/Ian. I don't know who I have fallen for. The Damon character or the actor playing that character. That's pretty difficult question to answer. As a result, I started to read the books.

When I read the first book, As usual there are lot of differences between series and the books. So I decided to read the books first and then continue to watch the series.


A Love Triangle of Unspeakable Horror...

Searching for the ultimate thrill, she vowed to have Stefan.

Haunted by his tragic past, he struggled to resist her passion.

Driven by revenge, he hunted the brother who betrayed him.

The terrifying story of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them.


As I told you, I've been binge reading, I couldn't write my thoughts for each book. So overall, I will share my thoughts on the complete series. I just read the novels written by L.J SMITH not any other ghost authors. Because I believe, no other authors could tell the tale other than the original creator themselves.

These are the books written by othe original creator.

           1. The Awakening
           2. The Struggle
           3. The Fury
           4. Dark Reunion

           5. The Return: Nightfall
           6. The Return: Shadow Souls
           7. The Return: Midnight

Elena, her character is definitely different from the series. She is the same popular fashion based girl. She will do anything if she put her thoughts on to it whether it is right or wrong. That's how she was determined to have Stefan, the new mysterious guy who hasn't swooned over her as the other boys did. But what she didn't know was, the guy has some dark secrets.

Stefan. Polite and secretive, he was a perfect vampire guy. When I said vampire definitely he was way older. He has this strong will. He will not feed on humans. Even though he knows he could get some powers when he fed on human, but still he feeds only on animals or birds.

Here comes the dangerous, mysterious, irresistible guy. I'm not exaggerating now. DAMON!!!!!We won't understand what he will he do or what was his feeling. Sometimes, he seems to be so EVIL. I guess he was living with a motto "No one will kill his brother, well except me".

In the first four books, Elena and Stefan will be in love and they both saved the place where the unspeakable horrors happen because of the place's past history. Those horrors are only taking place after the arrival of mysterious guy, our Stefan. So most  of the people tried to blame him. But with the help of Elena's friends Bonnie who has this psychic power, Meredith and Matt, the truth were unraveled. 

Damon with the only thought came to Fell's church. And that was "Having Elena as his Princess". He seems to be bad, taking revenge on his brother. For them, he was "THE DEVIL". But as the story moves on, we can see he is not the one as we thought. Well, you see he feed on human.

Elena became a vampire, not that she WANTS to. She was turned by Katherine who wants to kill both the brothers and Elena. And even she sacrificed her life to save both the brothers.By a miracle, she returned to the Earth as a child spirit who eventually turned to a human. And FINALLY both Stefan and Elena lived together. 

Ah, don't worry they are not having happily ever after. Because soon some other danger was coming to Fell's church. And this adventure was in the next 3 books. THE RETURN trilogy.

PS: I don't want this series to end. This was the FIRST series which I don't want to end, so I keep on stalling the last book in the Return series. I know there are other books by different author,  but still!

PPS: I was OBSESSED with IAN or DAMON!(Pffft., I don't know).