Hey, guys!

This is my second tag. Let's hope you guys will like it. Let's start!

Even though I'm not from America, I was obsessed with Hamilton. Because it was all over the internet. So after a lot of struggle, I have the whole collection. It's so refreshing to sing Hamilton songs along with the artists. A note: My voice sucks, it doesn't stop me from singing, though ;)

Hmm. Do I really have to tell? Everyone knows. Of course, the Wizarding World. I loved it so much. HOGWARTS IS MY HOME. I just want to be a part of it. THAT'S ALL I NEED.

See, I have my own Hogwarts letter ;)

I know most of you guys are gonna groan. Well, trust me, before reading the books I was one of you, always ditching her and  gets easily frustrated with her. But even she do have fine qualities. Definitely she makes us annoyed and irritated by her longing and clinging manner. But still, she really cares and tries to do something. And in the final book, she managed to do something.

I guess most of them finds it. Let's see you guessed that right or not?

And the character is BELLA SWAN. 

This was a tough question. And I don't know who was that type. Maybe, I can go with Jace from The Mortal Instruments. If he sets his mind on doing something, he will do no matter what it is. Am I right?

*sniffs* Hazel and Gus from The Fault in our Stars. It definitely wrecked my heart. I never thought that would happen in the end. I was not expecting that when Gus reveals the truth. Even though it's a tragedy, that was the best.

YaY, the sassiest villain. My choice is Jonathan Morgenstern and always will be. I never liked villain. Though, I liked their aspects. But Jonathan isn't like everyone. His soul is tortured, literally. I love him so much. MY EVIL BAE!

For this, I would choose my beloved book More Happy Than Not. I NEVER NEVER NEVER expected the twist. God, I was shocked to the core. I literally cried my heart out and shouting like a banshee when that happened. Thinking about that make me cry even now.

You see, most of the series I have ever read are the one which I marathoned. But I have to mention this series definitely. I couldn't even wait for the next day. I finished two books in a day. That was quite magical. THOSE DAYS!

The advantage of having multiple POVS is that you can enjoy their's perspectives. But the disadvantage is you have to wait for that character's POV for some time. And that happens in GAME OF THRONES.

I don't want to say the obvious answer, Harry Potter. But let's give that choice for another series and that is my friends, is OUTLANDER.

There are a lot of characters I wish to be alive. But I definitely will choose Fred Weasley. Because I couldn't stand George's grief over him. It breaks my heart whenever I see some posts over Tumblr. I wish both the twins to be happy forever. 

That's all guys!

~Until next time!