From the author of the New York Times bestseller All the Bright Places comes a heart-wrenching story about what it means to see someone—and love someone—for who they truly are.
Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout, the girl once dubbed “America’s Fattest Teen.” But no one’s taken the time to look past her weight to get to know who she really is. Following her mom’s death, she’s been picking up the pieces in the privacy of her home, dealing with her heartbroken father and her own grief. Now, Libby’s ready: for high school, for new friends, for love, and for EVERY POSSIBILITY LIFE HAS TO OFFER. In that moment, I know the part I want to play here at MVB High. I want to be the girl who can do anything.  

Everyone thinks they know Jack Masselin, too. Yes, he’s got swagger, but he’s also mastered the impossible art of giving people what they want, of fitting in. What no one knows is that Jack has a newly acquired secret: he can’t recognize faces. Even his own brothers are strangers to him. He’s the guy who can re-engineer and rebuild anything in new and bad-ass ways, but he can’t understand what’s going on with the inner workings of his brain. So he tells himself to play it cool: Be charming. Be hilarious. Don’t get too close to anyone. 
Until he meets Libby. When the two get tangled up in a cruel high school game—which lands them in group counseling and community service—Libby and Jack are both pissed, and then surprised. Because the more time they spend together, the less alone they feel. . . . Because sometimes when you meet someone, it changes the world, theirs and yours.
Jennifer Niven delivers another poignant, exhilarating love story about finding that person who sees you for who you are—and seeing them right back.


I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I was not okay with how the things went on the hill with All the Bright Places. It was a rocky start for me and slowly built an offendable wall around me when it comes to this author. But still, I enjoyed the book. So I was literally surprised when I received the book.

You know you want to read a book when you see its gorgeous cover! I was squealing with joy for more than half an hour and peering at it till my life ends. Do I need to talk about the name it has? It was fucking beautiful. I can't able to name my own book(still in progress, as always). I think I need to hire someone to name my book and its characters too. Anyway, this book caused some controversial problems when it first released its blurb. People become offensive for portraying a fat girl's struggle and a boy who was affected by face-blindness.

I was thrilled to read this one because I love to explore every different case in the books. As Atticus told, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view until you climb into his skin and walk around in it". I would like to think what I would do when I was them.

By reading this book, what I particularly gathered is  "High School Sucks". It could create a shell of loneliness and put you into it without your consent. But dare I say something? I loved my High School ;P

Jack was a jerk and so full of himself and that made him a douchebag among others. He WAS SMART. But he doesn't want to be who he was. You should know the WHY he was like that. He doesn't want others to pity himself nor did he wants to be bullied if everyone knows that he couldn't recognise the faces of anyone. 

"Better to be haunting than the haunted"

I loved his aspect when he tries to keep his head cool by not showing how his heart was beating so hard for doing some shit(unintentionally)due to his face-blindness.

Libby struggling with her mother's death as well as for being called the fattest teen. But she doesn't care what they say. She is such a strong willed character and definitely an inspirational kickass!

I didn't feel anything special at all with the writing. It was as for how all the young adult book were supposed to be. But the pacing was good. I loved the transition between the characters POV. And I loved how they found themselves and accepted what they are and not caring what others think. I loved them both! It definitely exceeds my expectations. 

This one was definitely a happy read for me. GO AND READ IT!

MY RATING: Exceeds Expectation

~Until next time!