The Starks are scattered.

Robb Stark may be King in the North, but he must bend to the will of the old tyrant Walder Frey if he is to hold his crown. And while his youngest sister, Arya, has escaped the clutches of the depraved Cersei Lannister and her son, the capricious boy-king Joffrey, Sansa Stark remains their captive.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, Daenerys Stormborn, the last heir of the Dragon King, delivers death to the slave-trading cities of Astapor and Yunkai as she approaches Westeros with vengeance in her heart.



This book is phenomenal. Full of stabbing, gutting, betrayal and a lot. There is bloody battle everywhere. What would happen if there is a war? Just imagine.

Every character has grown a lot but how long would they live, we don’t know. Now I know why George R.R Martin is well known for the characters death. Simply can’t explain my bloody love for this book. I was disappointed with its first part, but man this book surpassed all my expectations and raised my hope for the next book, the size of the wall. I’m pleased to say that this book is the best book(part) so far. Every page will suck you right into it. The secrets revealed, the broken trust and backstabbing, you will feel everything in your gut. You couldn’t guess a single bloody thing, your guess will always go into a poof. When you thought that something bad is going to happen, the worst will happen.

There was not a single soul in this book considered to be happy. They were tested, tortured and were broken brutally. But still, they stood. I will not entrust myself to live in the Westeros. I wouldn’t even last a single bloody day. This book is BRUTAL , from The Red Wedding to the last bloody line. Everything captivated me. This is what I want from a book. And now I’m already in search for other similar stories, so that once I finished this series I’ll know where to go. 

Everything was planned brilliantly, we should definitely appreciate the mastermind behind the masterpiece.

I want one thing. Just a single damn thing. Is it so wrong to ask? I just want the reunion of Starks. The family doesn’t need the throne and yet they were thrown into the Hunger Games. 


Robb: I don’t think he had my attention. But I know how honorable he was as his father. He is naturally a King. But if ONLY his heart wasn’t blinded by the beauty, surely the worse wouldn’t have happened. And I really want to admit this: I see Ned through him.

Sansa: I always get irritated at her from the start. But this book made me pity her. I feel so sorry for her. I hope she will do something at least for her family name. Wolves. What I really wished is that (view spoiler)

Bran: Not so much happened with him. But I really wished he could’ve met Jon in person at least once. He is a poor child, but trying to be brave for the prince sake. He is trying so hard. *sobbing*

Jon: I was disappointed with him. Because he had Ygritte. I thought at least he has the honor when he said his vows. I can understand why he did that. It has to be done. However, my heart couldn’t accept it. What if he was a bastard? Was every bastard treacherous? It’s so bad when they accused him of being turn cloak.

Arya: OMG! She was captured by someone every single time. She is brave. Fear cuts deeper than the sword. And I love every time when she said names before sleeping. 

Jaime: My hatred feelings towards him completely took a 360-degree turn. I love him. I shouldn’t have shipped him with Cersei. Yeah, I know. Fool’s play. I realized the mistake when Jaime was back at King’s Landing. He respected Brienne. That’s the thing everyone wants from a man. He hated the wench and yet respected her courage and stood with her. I was amused by his wits.

Cersei: I HATE HER BLOODY GUTS. No more words.

Tyrion: How he hate her sweet sister! For that alone, I love him more. Everyone thinks so low of him. I wonder what he would do if he came face to face with the one who framed him.

Last but not least.

Dany: I LOVE HER. She is fierce but easily broken. Blindly trusting everyone. She was gathering her own bloody army with her three dragons. That scores everything. I’m waiting for Dany to come to Westeros. It would be stunning. God, can’t wait. I was scoffing when some people believed that a single dragon could win the bloody war. Dude, wait and watch. Dany was coming with her THREE dragons. She will win the throne. I’m rooting for her.


MY RATING: Exceeds Expectation