From global phenomenon C. S. Pacat comes the first in her critically acclaimed trilogy—with a bonus story.

Damen is a warrior hero to his people, and the rightful heir to the throne of Akielos. But when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity, and sent to serve the prince of an enemy nation as a pleasure slave.

Beautiful, manipulative, and deadly, his new master, Prince Laurent, epitomizes the worst of the court at Vere. But in the lethal political web of the Veretian court, nothing is as it seems, and when Damen finds himself caught up in a play for the throne, he must work together with Laurent to survive and save his country.

For Damen, there is just one rule: never, ever reveal his true identity. Because the one man Damen needs is the one man who has more reason to hate him than anyone else…


I know that this series caused lot of stir in the book community. There was three group. One, seeing this as god's own gift. Another, as god's terrible mistake. And the last one stays in the middle ground. And I belong to the last group.

WARNING: Sex slavery AND Pedophilia

As the warning says it, this book is NOT for everyone. So if you don't like those subjects, it was recommended to not read the book.

Nowadays, I feel addicted to reading life of royals and their play for the throne. It's simply because of Game of Thrones. So after reading those books, I know I can manage anything. I don't mind in case the book has widely used the sensitive subjects like slavery, nudity and bloody field. To be honest, I lurrrve it when bloodshed happens. 

And this involves sex slaves. A kingdom where they keep them as 'pets'. And they would throw them into a ring where the chance of fighting is very rare. Instead, one needs to make another submissive and rape him/her there itself. And royals and people watch it casually. To say that this is not barbaric would be a shame. This is what happens in Vere. And it appalled me immensely. 

Another kingdom Akielos, where just recently the king died. But before the Crown Prince took his rightful place, his bloody half-brother captured and packed him in a pretty big box(not literally) as a sex slave to the crown prince of Vere. 

Laurent is confident, arrogant, lying and conniving man. Damen is bold and really think about others feelings. He really has great tendency to become a king. Who else will think about other person when they both were in the same hell hole. And he defies Laurent when there is a need. And he also knows when to shut his mouth.

Apart from the creulty of the kingdom, I really loved the political affairs of the castle. And there is something about the book that made me addicted even after some cringing moments. And because of that something I'll read the next book soon.

MY RATING: Dreadful