She is the most powerful Jinni of all. He is a boy from the streets. Their love will shake the world... 

When Aladdin discovers Zahra's jinni lamp, Zahra is thrust back into a world she hasn't seen in hundreds of years—a world where magic is forbidden and Zahra's very existence is illegal. She must disguise herself to stay alive, using ancient shape-shifting magic, until her new master has selected his three wishes. 

But when the King of the Jinn offers Zahra a chance to be free of her lamp forever, she seizes the opportunity—only to discover she is falling in love with Aladdin. When saving herself means betraying him, Zahra must decide once and for all: is winning her freedom worth losing her heart?

As time unravels and her enemies close in, Zahra finds herself suspended between danger and desire in this dazzling retelling of Aladdin from acclaimed author Jessica Khoury.


A delightful dessert!

I grew up hearing the tales of one thousand and one nights. And especially I loved Aladdin and his special lamp. After that I was stroking every lamp I could get my hands on and also played the part of genie myself. The silliness and innocence were a pleasant memory. And to say this book rekindled those memories was a bonus point.

When I heard the jinni in this book is Zahra, a female genie made me excited and intrigued. And so my wonderful journey with the forbidden wish started.

Forbidden Wish is the story of a jinni wishing for freedom, a subject longing for revenge, a game for the throne, which of course was played by the family members of the king, and a play with the most powerful magic of the world love and time. With the small twists and turns, every chapter will keep you on the edge.

“Loving someone is never wrong. And like you said, it’s not a choice. It just happens, and we’re all helpless in its power.”

It was forbidden for a jinni to fall in love or a forbidden wish, that is a wish for freedom. But what if the jinn falls in love AGAIN after causing a ruckus before because of that same pure innocent love. Will the jinn produce another destruction in its path to the love?

After a long time, I found a genuine and an amazing FEMALE character. Zahra, the powerful jinn of all time. She is wicked, passionate and kind(for a jinn). And her longing for freedom will make you ache. But the cost for being free is too much to pay. And when the king of jinn offered a chance for her freedom, against her better judgements, she couldn't just ignore it.

Aladdin, a thief. He will charm everyone especially women if only you give a chance. He was longing for revenge and when the chance came by means of manipulation by the jinn, he made a wish. And that's how he transformed into a prince. What if Aladdin was fascinated by the magic? And more than that: What if he falls for the magic yielder herself? 

Let's hear some cheekiness of Aladdin:

"But if you wish for your life, I will save you."
"Why wish for it when I can run? Can you keep up with me, jinni girl?"

"I thought I'd lost you."
"Though I'd lost me too. But you came."

"You're very pretty........for a jinni."
"Have you met many jinn?"
"No. But I've met a lot of pretty girls."

As always, the forbidden fruit is sweeter than any other fruit. The complicated relation between Zahra and Aladdin will make you swoon, ache, laugh, and love. And there are some powerful characters too. They will leave a deep impression on you. Like Caspida, an independent woman who KNOWS how to acquire a kingdom and rule. Even when the betrayal hits her on full force, she doesn't stray on it forever. 

"If we let queens rule the world, we’d all stay holed up in our palaces embroidering and gossiping.”


Overall, this is an amazing read.

MY RATING: Exceeds Expectation