Since I ran away for the night, danced in New York streets, and almost got killed in an alley by two thieves. Until he showed up and saved me. 

Since I threw a drink at the man my father expected me to marry, then found myself slammed against a wall with Penn Everett’s seductive voice whispering a proposal I couldn’t refuse. 

To fall into hate with the man who reminded me of so many things and hid so much behind his lies. He couldn’t be the man who saved me three years ago…but there’s something so familiar…

For our relationship to switch from no-strings to marriage. He announced it to my father—he’s ecstatic. He told my friends—they’re shocked. But he didn’t ask me, he commanded me—and I’m livid. 

For his lies to slowly steal my heart and make me believe, hope…trust. 

For his truth to destroy me.


Before realizing what genre this is, I read the blurb and it piqued my curiosity. And after some time, I came to know that this book belongs to DARK EROTIC ROMANCE category. But that doesn't stop me from reading it in one sitting. And you know what? This is my first jump in that genre and of course, I have no regrets.

This book is so .......wrong in many ways. When the lust that clouded my eyes faded, it made me think how horrible it is. New York city was portrayed in a horrible way that made my skin crawl. If a woman without the company of a man was wandering the streets at night, either they got mugged or raped and in some cases both. This was disgusting and I want nothing but to forget those moments. In my mind, New York city was something that I couldn't reach, like the stars, but I longed to go there. But this book made me question myself. Is this how the real city is? I hope not. Yeah, I know, you shouldn't judge by one book itself. But still. Maybe this is why you call this book as Dark?

Penn Everett: A fucking manipulator who likes to command, thread lies as easy as the spider. A foul-mouthed evil bastard. Seducing in a way that woman will fall over within a second. To be honest, it was not seduction. It was harassment. A fucking crude man who wants to own her. For your information: We, women are not some toy to own and play with. I was so disgusted with him when some horrible truths were slowly uncovered. 

Elle: She was the heiress of Belle Elle corporation. She was successful. She was supposed to grow up in the corporation and learn her ways into the business from her childhood. So she doesn't know anything about what it would be like to be a normal person. On her 19th birthday, she decided to taste the freedom and went into the streets without her bodyguard. Of course, she was stuck up with some horrible things but somehow she was rescued by a hoodie guy. After some years, she felt like she was chased by the horrible past. The past and the present was twined in a way, that will make you confuse as hell. And she was an idiot who got easily attracted(physical, though) to her assaulter. 

And here is the thing which brings the meaning to Eroticism. Holly hell! There are some scenes which were one hell of HOT scenes I have ever read. No amount of ice cold water can control it. 

You may ask: "Then why did you finish it one sitting?"

For that my answer will be: "I want the FUCKING ANSWERS."

So no matter how much I disliked it, I WILL read the sequel to know the answers. The truth.