Sometimes, representations are the ones that matters.

Hello there. If you are familiar with K dramas, you would know Kim Soo-hyun as an alien from another star. I would fraternize with Aliens if they all look like him. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen that way. So I welcome you all to save the world from Aliens(they don't look like him obviously) who are keen on destroying the planet.

From the moment i read the dedication page, i was impressed. Let me say what it was.
"For every brown girl told she's too different, too this or too that. You are perfect. You are awesome. You are loved. Show them what you can do but don't give a damn what they think. Awaken, and stay woke. "

When you come from a different country, then this seems normal. In my country, this seems rarity. You can see people who think highly of face value. Almost everywhere you can see bigots. So I'm very excited for its representation rather than the story. The story is the typical invasion story.

I was so engrossed in other country's affairs, that i forgot about my own. What is happening? Why did it happen like this? So when i glimpsed the people, i remembered what i hate: people's ludicrous senses. The main characters featured in the story are from different parts of the country. You will get a gist of how people were when you read about them. Scrunching their faces to show their disgust directly when they see someone who doesn't agree with their views. Glaring, throwing profanities, and ignoring. Everything is so common that i applaud author for conveying it.

Another thing I'm glowing about with pride is that there is a trans character. Wow, this is simply superb and awesome. I am smiling like an idiot. The problems they face were depicted boldly. It's disgusting to see people treating them differently and to more of that it's cruelty. One must love their own skin. If your legs and hands are hairy, then so be it. You don't have to be ashamed of it. If YOU don't like it, then wax/shave it. Make sure that it's what YOU want. Not for others.

Blind superstitions will get you nothing. When your sister/daughter said that they have been molested, have faith in them not doubt her for making him behave like that.

I forgot to mention a teeny tiny thing. And that was about the word choices. Damn, I was cringing most of the times. Why? Sing along with me. Cringe here! Cringe there! Cringe everywhere! Yeah, i know. You cringed listening to my song. My bad!

Lot of little lessons are hiding here and there, look closely into it to understand and suffer.


  1. Found you on Goodreads and omg you love kdramas too!
    Love how you talked about your own experiences and related it to how it was conveyed in the book.

    1. Ahoy, my fellow Kdrama fan. Thank you so much. And tell me your favorite OPPA! :P

    2. Probably Min-hyuk from Strong girl bong soon! he's adorable


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