Let's see what happened to me!

I really am happy that I was not disappointed with the book when I hate his previous book. God, I loved More happy than not so much it pains me to say that i hated History is all you left me. Adam sets my expectation level high with his debut and after 3 books i would proudly say that the first book is the best and close to my freaking heart.

My mind knows that you can't compare the first book with every other works of his. But my heart struggles to accept it. Can't argue with it too! Anyway, let us come to the point.

One thing I would like to say is that I didn't enjoy the book as I thought I would. Don't mind the little voice which nagged me that I won't be satisfied with the book. Shut up, you nasty little bugger. When I know they both are going to die and yet here I'm saying I didn't enjoy. Enjoy and death cannot be in the same sentence. What I meant is that I was not hanged by the book. They didn't pull my strings up to the point where I was choking. I simply felt the clogging feeling like when you know death is hovering over you.

They both die at the end will make you suffer and leave you to live like a corpse. Don't think if you didn't feel like it. I will be cheering for those guys who didn't get affected by the book. We live our life even though we know we're gonna die one day. But what if we know THAT DAY. How will it change our life?

>> Every now and then new povs are introduced. It becomes annoying after some time because I couldn't remember them for the life of me. Following the main characters alone left me bone tired when they are looking at their backs for the death. I don't want others' too.

>> The one thing i didn't like about one of the main characters is that he thinks he is suggesting some stupid ideas. He is a kind of introverted guy who likes to stay in his room and read books or play xbox. Whether you're an introverted person or not, you shouldn't doubt yourself. If you have an idea, then throw it on others boldly. You don't need to think whether it is stupid or not even if it is stupid.

>> There is this guy who really is an asshole who needs to have lectures on both morality and humanity. You should at least have the gall to remain silent when you don't have any feelings for a dead person or to be dead person. I really would like to beat the shit out of him if he shows his face to me.

>> It would be awesome if they remained as friends until the very end. Can't they be friends? I'm little bit disappointed with it.

>>The story depicted friendship strongly. Friend(s) of both the main characters were sticking to them no matter how many hardships were thrown their sides. I loved it because I recently started F. R. I. E. N. D. S

>> I really liked how author mentioned the real life problems here and there. I noticed a lot and literally clapped at its brilliance. One wouldn't notice it if you're not focusing intently.

OVERALL: A sad story from the beginning itself and by the end of it you'll become sad. (less)