Hey! I’m Jan. I don’t remember when I became such an ardent reader. During my childhood days, I was a nerd always studying and remains in the first place throughout the school. So I never had time for reading other books. But when I went to Uni, my friend introduced me to reading fanfictions. Yeah, of course, I love fanfics.

You will never see such a procrastinator or lazy fellow as me. OH GOD, sometimes even I was surprised by how lazy I am. After reading quite a number of books, I camdp-2e to a decision. AH, DREAM FOR EVERY READER. Yup, you guessed it. I thought of writing a book. Sometimes, my mind would create so imaginative plots and ideas, and for a few days I work with such a passion, you will think, I’m gonna finish this. But that’s not gonna happen. Because if I finished that, I would be an author now. So when you search
my journal you will see a lot of unfinished plots. Sigh.

What I’m trying to say is: Jan, a crazy lover of books will never finish her own book.
I never show any interests in other things except books.
MY FAMILY ABOUT ME: “Oh God, please be with Jan and scare all the buggers who tries to lure her by mentioning books.”
MY FRIENDS ABOUT ME: “Pfft. No one will live with this weirdo. Poor bugger, wouldn’t stop her from blabbering about books.”
MY ADDICTION: Other than books and having a lot of crushes on fictional characters and actors who are twice my age, I AM SUCH A POTTERHEAD. HP FREAK. HP LOVER. I AM FREAKING CRAZY ABOUT HARRY POTTER. IF you’re a fan too, then we are friends already. So feel free to talk with me.